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2020-21 Season

Hey everyone!

As we are rapidly approaching the beginning of our new season for the photo club, we thought it would be a good time to update members and other interested photographers on how things are going to look this year.  


While we’d all love to get back to in-person meetings and hope to sometime in the near future, to start the year, we’re going to continue with the online (Zoom) meeting format that we were using to finish the last club year in May and June. If you weren’t able to join us for any of those, they were well attended, and we were fortunate to have some great content.  

In order to balance club programming with the uncertainty of the current guidelines and best practices around Covid-19, we’ve decided to tackle the planning in 2-month chunks.  So for the September and October meetings, we’ll be staying virtual, and we’ll make a decision, likely in early October and based on current facts at the time about the November and December meetings.  

Field Trips

We’d love to welcome our new Field Trip Coordinator, a new member and new maritimer, Ian Proctor.  Under his guidance and fresh eyes, we hope to start doing some field trips again soon.  They may look a little different and might have some restrictions on the number of attendees, but we’ll try our best to get some interesting photo field trips going.

As always, if you have any ideas or special contacts/access to an event or venue, please contact Ian at


We’re fortunate to have Kevin Hall continuing in the role of Mentoring Coordinator this year.  He’s already started the planning.  As with everything these days, there may be some changes in how this is delivered, but we’ve got a lot of talented members to share some of their knowledge with others.

Fall Show

With social distancing requirements and our current venue at the Sackville Public Library, we’re (very) likely to be postponing the Fall Print Show at the Library.  We’re discussing the options with potentially moving it to spring and a few other options.  We’ll keep everyone informed as we figure that stuff out.  

Photo Contest

With the unfortunate need to cancel our annual photo contest last year, but being cognizant that plenty of members may have been out photographing with the contest categories in mind, we’ve decided to just bump that forward to this year, keeping the categories intact.  For further details on the contest, please see our website at (just substitute 2021 for 2020 until we update things!)

Monthly Themes

Just because we can’t meet in person, doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be out there photographing and sharing our images!  Our diligent (and clearly prescient) Showcase Coordinator, Hugh Chisholm, having moved our monthly and bonus theme showcases online to YouTube has us ready to share these. We’re happy to be continuing our Monthly Themes heading into the new year.  

We’re just compiling the list of themes (including a timely one or two).  Once complete we’ll upload it to the club website at 

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