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February 3, 2020
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February 11, 2020
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Field Trip – Free Lensing Workshop (Refresher)

Kim Ottenbrite will lead an afternoon workshop on Free Lensing. The workshop will be a refresher for those that attended the workshop put on in the fall and is a great opportunity for those new to the technique to learn and practice it.

For those wondering “What is Free Lensing,” this may help. Freelensing is a technique used with interchangeable lens cameras in both film-based and digital photography. The lens is detached from the camera and held in front of the lens mount by hand during exposure. This allows the lens to be tilted or shifted creating a similar effect to a perspective control or “Tilt-Shift” lens, only with a lower degree of fidelity. The result is a combination of selective focus and light leakage which are used creatively to create surreal imagery. Because of the increase in flange-focal distance, this technique is most successful with close-up or macro photography, where Infinity focus is not essential.

Please come and join us to learn this fun technique. It just may put a new spin on your photography.

We have booked the RBC Learning Centre on the 3rd floor for this workshop. Due to the room capacity, the workshop will be open to the first 12 members that indicate they are interested. To help cover the cost of the room there will be a $5 participation fee.

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